"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Cultural Events

These events will be hosted quarterly at the Chattanooga Downtown Public Library on the 4th floor. Each event will have a different cultural theme. Our first theme is from China, focusing on the Chinese New Year. The next event will have a different theme. For example, Jamaica, Africa, Latin, Japanese, Greek, etc. The students will experience dance, food, crafts, language, and calligraphy from that culture. At the end, there will always be a book giveaway, for each family in attendance, that showcases the culture explored.

Summer Reading Camp

Culture Books Summer Camp is a 1-2 week cultural experience in June and July, where the students will be immersed in language, food, calligraphy, and dance from a different culture. We are also have reading and tutoring sessions for the students, as well as opportunities for problem solving, bonding, and critical thinking skills in the form of escape and craft activities. We have not chosen the space or reading curriculum, but this will be COMING SOON! Keep a look out!

Scholarship and Travel


We love our students and we want to take opportunities to give back to our kids and open doors and opportunities for them to be successful and go where they have never been. Two ways we are thinking of doing so, is to give away scholarships to 5 scholars each year, to help with books, supplies and school materials for the next year. The scholars will be required to write a well-written essay on a particular topic​. We will also be choosing 5 hard working students to take to another country. We will, with 3-4 chaperones, explore the different customs of the chosen country and culture. It's all about exposure! The scholars will be asked to write an essay for this, as well. COMING SOON!

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